Wooden Carports

Carports though different from car garages are essentially used for providing shelter and protection to vehicles especially the cars. To put it simply, a carport is an enclosed structure made from different materials such as wood, metal or combination of different metals. Among the many different types of carports, wooden carports are perhaps the popular types of carports since these are easy to fabricate and install at different site conditions. Most of the wooden carports do not have four walls and are usually constructed with one or two walls to allow for more ventilation. In USA, most of the carports are modular constructions made from aluminum, steel or tin whereas in many other parts of the world, people prefer flat roof type permanent structures or wooden carports. Nevertheless, unlike wooden carports that are popular for homeowners, commercial users often prefer aluminum modular carports.


Wooden Carports are considered as one of the most economical ways of protecting your cars from extreme weather especially sun rays that could wreak havoc on the outer surface as the paint starts fading much faster. No wonder why tens of thousands of wooden carports are erected every year in USA, Europe and other parts of the world. So, if you are also thinking of protecting your cars from nature force and that also without putting a dent in your wallets, you should consider going for cheap and effective wooden carports. When it comes to the choices of carports for residential uses, wooden carports are by far the most common because of its several advantages especially due to the flexibility in terms of matching with the overall looks of the homes to which these are being attached to. In fact, you can choose wooden carports in anyway you like so as to suit it with the theme of your home decorations.

The choices and options for wooden carports can range from simple colors and wood grains to bright and attractive shades and a whole different range of styles and sizes that could suit your budgets. If you are not building your wooden carports, you could also buy ready made carports from manufacturers who would be more than willing to offer different customization as per your selections and requirements. However, many manufacturers offer only small degree of variances in the minor details of wooden carports unlike some who could also allow you to reshape your wooden carports as per the existing measurements and area available in the front or back of your homes. Depending upon the number of cars you want to accommodate in your carports, the type of construction and sizes of the wooden carports could vary substantially and hence, you should keep such factors in mind while you are customizing the wooden carports. The most important factor while choosing wooden carports is the roofs, which ought to be much lighter than the traditional metal carports.

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